Fruit Tea

What is Fruit tea?

Fruit tea is the fruitier sibling to herbal tea. Neither contain caffeine from tea leaves, both do contain plenty of fruit, herbs, flowers, and spices. A fabulous infusion of fruit flavours makes for endless concoctions that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Types of Fruit Tea

Let’s get back to basics here, loose dried fruit tea has been brewed in water and consumed for centuries. They were onto something good with this refreshing, energising beverage. Fruit tea is full of healthy antioxidants to cleanse your body from the inside out. Enjoy our Strawberry Plum tea packed with a tangy hit of summer. Dramatically bold red in colour, our fruit tea blend combines vanilla and apple with strawberry and plum. Brew it hot or cold and add a dash of honey or sugar for extra sweetness.

Is drinking fruit tea good for you?

Our Certified Organic fruit tea is good for you when consumed in moderation and is naturally free from sugary additions. We keep it simple with our dried fruit blend to craft the ideal loose fruit tea. Fruit tea can also provide a healthy boost to your immune system with its unique balance of antioxidants.