The Classic Collection - Gift Box


Give the gift of tasty, ethical tea.

Our loose-leaf tea gift set is the perfect gift for anybody and any occasion! Within are 8 of our most popular classic teas that are proven to brew tastebud-tempting sips… If you're lucky, your giftee might even share with you.

Beautifully packaged, this tea gift will be impressive, memorable and special. To personalise this gift box, there is a space on the label where you can write who it's to so that you can make sure it gets to who it needs to!

You’re not just giving the gift of tea but a reason to slow down and enjoy the moments here and now. The greatest gift of all is time spent together enjoying a tasty tea.

What's in the box?

Contains 8 x Loose Leaf Teas:
  • Jade Sencha (10g)
  • Lime Blossom & Chamomile (6g)
  • English Breakfast (10g)
  • Lemon Grey (10g)
  • Cool Summer Spice (8g)
  • Orange Sky (10g)
  • Peppermint Breeze (8g)
  • Strawberry Plum (10g)


English Breakfast: Black Tea (Ceylon Highland, Kenya). Made with organic ingredients.


Imperial Sencha: Chinese sencha green tea. Made with organic ingredients.


Lime Blossom & Chamomile: Green tea China Wu-Lu, ginger bits, natural identical flavour, camomile blossoms, lime-tree blossoms, elderflowers, marigold blossoms, sunflower blossoms. Made with organic ingredients.


Lemon Grey: Black tea (Ceylon, South India, China), natural identical flavour, lemongrass.


Cool Summer Spice: Rooibos, nana mint leaves, peppermint leaves, aniseed, coriander, lemongrass, wild thyme, cinnamon, natural identical flavour, black pepper, sunflower blossoms. Made with organic ingredients.


Orange Sky: Rooibos, apple bits, orange peels, cinnamon, natural identical flavour. Made with organic ingredients.


Peppermint Breeze: 1st grade cut peppermint leaves (Washington, USA) Made with organic ingredients.


Strawberry Plum: Apple bits, raisins, carrot bits, beetroot bits, hibiscus blossoms, natural identical flavour, vanilla bits, strawberry bits. Made with organic ingredients.