Oolong Tea

The oolong tea NZ loves

One of our most popular teas is oolong tea. NZ wide, tea drinkers are drawn to this beautiful, complex tea. Neither a black tea nor a green tea, oolong falls into its own unique category and is unlike most any other tea available. 

What is the oolong tea NZ can’t get enough of?

Originally hailing from China and Taiwan, oolong tea is one of the most famous tea varieties in the world. The processing of oolong tea is unique to other varieties. First, the leaves are picked and intentionally bruised by shaking them. This works to stimulate the tea leaves, in turn bringing out their flavour. They are then left out in the sun to wither, which reduces their moisture content and softens them to make them flexible enough that they won’t break when they’re rolled and shaped. Once wilted, the oolong leaves are lightly rolled and oxidised to define their shape and release the enzymes that create oolong’s famous flavour. When the leaves have been sufficiently oxidised, they are roasted and rolled once more.

Here at Noble & Sunday, we only source our organic teas from the world’s best tea gardens and estates. We are passionate about working with tea growers who are committed to farming sustainably, ethically and organically.

About Noble & Sunday

We’re passionate tea merchants reframing traditional tea brewing rituals to fit our busy, modern lives. We’ve scoured the globe for the leading tea gardens and estates who care about the environment. We are committed to sourcing tea from suppliers who are careful not to harm the surrounding native flora and fauna.

For us, drinking tea is not only about the health benefits and delicious taste – it’s about the slow, mindful, intentional ritual of brewing the cup. It’s about finding a slice of solace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Many cultures across the world consider the ceremony of brewing tea to be a sacred, intimate practice – we want to recontextualise this process to offer us small pockets of peace and reflection during our busy lives.

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