Black Tea

What is Black tea?

The most common tea in our Western society is the famous black tea. Many might argue that English Breakfast is the best black tea, but there are plenty more elegant black tea types to delve into. Let us introduce you to a few of our favourite sips.

Is drinking black tea good for you?

So, you may be able to enjoy iced black tea without milk or even favour an organic black tea concoction, but is drinking black tea good for you? The short answer is, yes. Unsweetened black tea, when consumed in moderation, offers a variety of health benefits. The antioxidant properties of black tea can effectively reduce inflammation in the body. Black tea is great for supporting a healthy heart, improving gut health, and lowering your cholesterol. 

How to make black tea?

The best black tea is simple to make, we’ve got a variety of excellent quality teaware to help craft your perfect cup. Each tea prefers an ideal water temperature to allow for maximum diffusion. The amount of tea leaves required also varies, as does the brewing time. Enjoy the scientific art of producing your ultimate cup of tea.