Kenyan Breakfast Tea


Kenyan Breakfast Tea

Start your day with this very pleasant breakfast tea to match any of your morning meals.

The brewed tea has an intensely bright rich red/amber colour and gives a full flavoured, yet a refreshingly light finish with good strength. The brew results in a pleasant aroma of dark dried plums with slight notes of malt and honey. This mellow malty taste has a full mouthfeel and surprisingly sweet finish without the strong tannins. To get the full flavour profile of this tea, try it without milk.

Sourcing and blending this tea from multiple mountainous plantations in Kisii County (sitting at an average of 1,900m (6233 ft) above sea level in the south of Kenya) This region is renowned for producing some of the finest tea due to the lush excellent conditions for the tea bushes to they thrive all year round, thanks to the tropical climate tempered with cooling breezes and plentiful rainfall from clouds.

In 2006 a factory was built to serve the small-scale tea farmers (12,409 registered growers) and process the raw tea leaf from within Kisii County. It is situated about 3kms from Itumbe market and 15kms from Kisii town along Kisii-Kilgoris tarmac road. The Factory is situated at an altitude of about 1926m above sea level.

This grade of tea is known as FBOPFSP or Finest Broken Orange Pekoe Flowery Special and is a highly sought after tea grade. This tea is manufactured with young tender tea buds and tea tips. It has a short thin broken leaf and has golden coloured tips in the mix.