Classic Earl Grey tea

A blend of fine Ceylon black tea combined with Italian bergamot oil work in perfect harmony to create a florally, bright brew. The leaves of this classic Earl Grey tea are a wiry, elegant length that makes for a delicious, vaguely oaky, exquisite taste and full body. This tea is loaded to the brim with character and strength.

Classic Earl Grey Tea


Where does Noble & Sunday’s Earl Grey tea come from?

We proudly harvest our Earl Grey tea from the renowned Harrington Estate in Kotagala. Perched at 4,412 feet above ground on a mountain range in the central Sri Lankan region of Dimbula, this estate is famous for its smooth, mellow character found in all of its teas. It is considered by tea connoisseurs as the “Bordeaux” of fine Ceylon teas.

Harrington Estate is in the prestigious Hatton area of misty mountain ranges and verdant valleys. Here, the rains of the monsoon seasons nurture a high quality of tea that the industry acclaims as strong yet light, delicate and fragrant. In addition to the monsoons, the Harrington Estate experiences the dry winds that fan across the valleys and slopes of mountainous Dimbula, where the days are sunny and dry. All-weather anomalies and a turbulent climate contribute to the complexity and intriguing layers in the flavour profile of this tea, which can only develop when the tea plant undergoes a natural conditioning between rain and drought.

Brewing Guide

We firmly believe here at Noble & Sunday that brewing the perfect cup of tea should be a slow, intentional ritual. The ceremony of brewing tea provides a moment of respite from an otherwise bustling culture, giving you the chance to relax and reflect. For the most delicious cup of tea that packs in a range of health benefits, it’s important to brew each tea to its unique requirements. For best results, brew our Earl Grey tea as follows:

  • Use 1 slightly heaped teaspoon of tea leaves per every 250mL of water
  • Heat water to 90°C – any hotter will bring out bitterness, and any colder will fail to properly steep the tea
  • Steep the leaves for 2.5 minutes
  • Enjoy clear or with a splash of milk


Organic Black Tea (Harrington Estate, Ceylon-Sri Lanka), Natural Flavour (Italian Bergamot Oil).

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