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To get the best possible flavour from your tea leaves, you’ll need the right tools to brew them. We’ve chosen a collection of our favourite teapots and accessories, from handcrafted Japanese ceramics to practical, sleek glassware. We want to help make brewing loose leaf tea as simple and as enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re after a simple teacup or a sophisticated teapot, NZ tea lovers can be sure they’re investing in the best possible teaware on the market.

From saucer to teapot, NZ’s favourite teaware is available online

We believe that brewing the perfect cup of tea should be a relaxing, indulgent ritual. Many cultures around the world consider the ceremony of brewing tea to be sacred. In our fast paced world, brewing a cup of tea can be seen as an act of self-care and defiance against the hustle and bustle. It allows for a moment of reflection in what may otherwise be a busy day and cultivates – if even for just a moment – a sense of calm and restoration. To get the best out of every single cup of tea you brew, it’s vital to be equipped with the best possible tools and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a new favourite teacup, a state of the art tea dripper, or a beautiful teapot, NZ tea drinkers can order high quality teaware from N&S Teas online from the comfort of their homes.

About Noble & Sunday

Here at Noble & Sunday, we’re a young company but an enthusiastic one. We’ve travelled the globe to find the world’s best tea gardens and estates from which to source our premium teas without causing any harm to the native flora and fauna that grow around our teas. We are proudly a New Zealand-owned company, and we hope to honour New Zealand’s long tea history through our work while redefining and reinvigorating modern tea drinking. No matter your taste in tea, we can help you find a single origin tea or a blend that matches your preferences – just ask us!

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