Handy Tumbler 330ml - Hario Handy Tumbler 330ml - Hario

Handy Tumbler 330ml - Hario

This curvy glass boasts both simplicity and handiness. Its simple design means it comes in handy while with the gentle shape it's comfortable to hold. Thanks to the thin walls (not as thin as the Heatproof Rock Glass), it feels excellent on the lips.

Made of heat-resistant glass, it can be washed in a dishwasher / dryer so you can use it every day. Hario makes sure from the start of the process to the final product, each piece is meticulously created one by one. Made from silica, borax and boric acid that are all refined from natural minerals. To remove bubbles from the glass, it is processed with environmental-friendly pure salt and not with heavy metals.

Oooh, just look at those subtle curves.

Volume: 330ml (1 full cups) / Body: borosilicate glass / Box: recyclable card (Sold separately)