Green Tea

The organic green tea NZ loves

What is green tea?

Bliss out and refresh yourself with the cleansing aroma of green tea leaves. Beautiful, subtle, and mild, green tea has a wonderful calming effect on the mind and body. All of our loose leaf green tea here at Noble & Sunday is made with organic ingredients, ensuring each sip is delicious and filled with antioxidants.

Available varieties of green tea NZ wide

We stock a diverse selection of green tea NZ tea enthusiasts will love. We’ve traipsed the globe to find the best quality, most delicious green teas available. Our range includes organic Chinese green tea (including Jasmine Pearl and WuLu varieties such as Lime Blossom and Chamomile) as well as high quality organic Japanese teas (like Sencha, Genmaicha and Uji Matcha).

Our quality green tea boasts layered and delicate flavours when brewed to the perfect temperature – we recommend steeping your green tea in water that is 60˚C—80˚C; this will eliminate any bitterness in your green tea. NZ tea drinks will find themselves transported on a spellbinding and fragrance adventure with any one of our gentle, aromatic green teas.

Is drinking green tea good for you?

Drinking loose leaf green tea is excellent for your health, both mental and physical. In fact, green tea may just be one of the healthiest beverages on the planet! As little as one cup a day has been proven to improve brain function and stave off Alzheimer’s, burn fat, protect from cancer and lower risk of heart disease. The L-theanine found in green tea works to relax the drinker, which can help you to focus better on tasks and reduce anxiety. Loose leaf green tea works wonders for prolonging the healthy functioning of the human body and helps you to maintain your best health.

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