Japanese Sencha Tea



This organic Sencha offering comes from Miyazaki Prefecture in southern Japan.

Grown and harvested using organic practices, this tea is crafted from seven different cultivars grown on the same property to create a rounded, robust flavour profile.

A sweet, delicate fragrance introduces this organic Japanese Sencha tea. The emerald green leaves draw a yellow-jade liquor with a fresh, clean aroma and a light vegetal character reminiscent of steamed spring greens with savoury hints of umami. A well-balanced, smooth, sweet lingering finish completes an outstanding Japanese green tea experience. This tea is a true gem from Japan.

Ken, a third-generation tea farmer born in the early '60s, grew up in an immersive environment surrounded by lush trees abundant with bird song.

By being an organic tea farm and a proud steward of the environment, the native flora & fauna have flourished. Standing amongst the field of meticulously kept rows of hedges and hearing all the birds around in the surrounding trees is fantastic. The rich biodiversity results in tea plants benefitting immensely and producing high-quality leaves for us all to sip away and enjoy.

We greatly admire Ken's values and the work that has gone into this tea garden to produce superior green tea. Read more about our visit to the tea farm here.

Country: Japan
Region: Miyazaki
Altitude: 70 meters
Tea Type: Organic Sencha (Blend of Saemidori & other cultivars )

Brewing - Western Style

  • 1 slightly heaped tsp (about 3.2g for a light green tea) per 250ml of water
  • Freshly heated water to 75-80˚C
  • Brew for 60 seconds
  • Enjoy clear

Brewing - Eastern Style 

  • 2 slightly heaped tsp (about 8g for a full-flavour green tea) per 250ml of water
  • Freshly heated water to 75-80˚C
  • Brew for 40 seconds
  • Pour into a glass (if sharing, pour a bit in each glass, working around until the teapot is empty.
  • Enjoy clear

Summer Brewing - Cold Brewing

  • Directly into a cup, add 2 slightly heaped tsp (about 8g)
  • Place ice over the tea leaves (enough to fill 1/3 cup) 
  • Wait until the ice has melted
  • Drink and enjoy. (pro tip, enjoy it out of a whiskey or wine glass to fully capture the aroma)


Organic Japanese Sencha (blend of Saemidori & other cultivars)

This tea is made with organic ingredients (JAS - Japan Agricultural Standard)