White Tea

What is white tea?

No, white tea is not just a weak cup of English Breakfast. White tea is steeped in traditional history, once-prized as the privileged sip of Chinese royalty. White teas are a pure and noble expression of Camellia sinensis plant and sometimes referred to as “Scholars Tea” and has a history of promoting wakefulness and focus. Unlike the other types of tea, white teas are neither fired nor rolled during the processing, instead, they are picked early in the spring season and allowed to simply air dry. The minimally processed, white tea has the mildest flavour, moderate caffeine, high amino acid content and mild tannin. This creates a refined, gently stimulating energy that feels natural at any time of day.

Types of White Tea

White tea is picked only during the first weeks of the spring harvest when the tender leaves have not yet opened and contain the energy and sugars of new growth. These young leaves are coated in a soft downy hair known to botanists as trichomes, which protect the tender shoots from pests and bright UV rays. Known in Chinese as bai hao (“white hair”), trichomes give the young buds a silvery-white appearance. This is why they are called “white teas.”

Our organic white tea range can be brewed hot or cold and can even be re-brewed to further draw out the flavours. White Noise tea is a great white tea for beginners, although most types of white tea tend to be mild and free from any hint of bitterness. White Peony tea is slightly fuller-bodied and delivers a bolder flavour profile. Fruity, floral, and yet still remaining delicate, white tea is charming for its special subtlety.