Classic Round Shui Ping Teapot Classic Round Shui Ping Teapot

Classic Round Shui Ping Teapot


Shui ping pots have inspired Asian and Western teaware makers for centuries this shape is the epitome of a classic teapot.

This teapot is beautifully graceful and perfectly balanced; the pour is precise and follows an elegant arc. The seven outlets paired with a perfectly shaped spout evacuate water quickly and evenly.

This handmade Taiwanese clayware is impeccably made with exact tolerances. The walls are thin, and even; the spout and handle are straight and perfectly aligned; finally, the clay is tested to be free of heavy metals and contaminants.

The 200ml capacity makes it a perfect gongfu pot for intimate groups.

Not only is this an excellent introductory pot into the world of un-glazed clay ware but, first and foremost, it is a good quality teapot that will be sure to render years of excellent service.

They are proudly made by hand in Taiwan.

Volume: 200ml (1 cup or 4x50ml)
Size: 80x83x120mm (WxHxD)
Body: Red clay from Taiwan

Usage and care: Thoroughly rinse when you receive the pot interior before use. Ideally, dedicate one tea type per pot. Eventually, a teapot will be seasoned with the particular character of a tea. Hand-wash only without soap or detergent.