Lakyrsiew First Flush Tea Lakyrsiew First Flush Tea

Lakyrsiew First Flush Tea


High in the forgotten forest region of Meghalaya, India, hides a true gem, the tiny LaKyrsiew tea-garden. This tiny garden produces small amounts of the rarest and unique tea in the world for us.

They do this because their concern is always quality over quantity. The tea is meticulously handpicked by workers that are paid a fair living wage (a very important condition for all the teas in the N&S range) and then is crafted to keep the beautiful leaves whole. This tender crafting allows the leaves to retain a delicacy and softness that is very rare in black teas.

This hand-picked first-flush tea, with its smooth mouthfeel, resonates on the palate with notes of cocoa, slightly unripe stone fruit, and delicate floral undertones with no hint of bitterness. This tea shares characteristics with Darjeeling teas due to being prepared in a similar fashion and using plants of the same variety. All this has created a remarkable, finely crafted tea of which can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

This tea is Certified Organic.