Nuxalbari First Flush Tea Nuxalbari First Flush Tea

Nuxalbari First Flush Tea


One Tea Estate. One family. Five generations. Established in 1884 and once part of the Kingdom of Sikkim, you will find Nuxalbari nestled snugly in the lap of the eastern Himalayas.

Cooled by the winds from the high Kangchenjunga massif (the third highest mountain in the world), the teas produced here are inimitably sweeter and more aromatic. Today, Nuxalbari Tea Estate is run by his descendants, fifth-generation tea planters, share the same crazy passion for tea as their pioneering ancestor Nawab whose real love was tea.

When visiting you will see Nuxalbari are devoted to being stewards of the earth—not owners—of our land; to honour the environment that sustainably produces the best quality tea that is humanly possible. Their practices are aimed at conserving soil and water, and fiercely protecting forests, wildlife and biodiversity. Committed to universal fair labour standards, gender, child and animal rights.

This 2019 organic first flush tea is hand-plucked and handcrafted with whole leaves. This tea is for perfect for tea connoisseurs who love light, complex drinks.

The tea's dry leaf has an earthy California raisin, and ginseng fragrance. Chrysanthemum aroma is subtly present in the dry leaves but is more pronounced in the brewing leaves and the lingering aftertaste. There are also subtle notes of Indian ginger and cumin that dart around the side.

The liquor draws a burnt yellow colour while the mouthfeel, yields a light, tasty drink with a brisk finish. No additives, no preservatives, an organic single estate heritage tea.

This tea is Certified Organic.