Signature Tea Scoop


Elevate your tea experience with our meticulously crafted precision tea scoop, tailored for those who appreciate accuracy in brewing.

This scoop is carefully designed to provide consistent perfection with loose-leaf tea. It ensures you get just the right amount for your cup every time.

Forget the guesswork—our tea scoop takes the hassle out of measuring. Whether you're serving a single cup, a pot for two, or a larger gathering, this scoop has you covered. Use one scoop for a single cup, two for a medium-sized pot, or three to four for a larger serving.

Crafted for durability, this tea scoop is built to last, becoming your go-to tool for a lifetime of tea enjoyment. Say goodbye to flimsy utensils – our tea scoop is here to stay, offering reliability and precision with every use.

Experience the difference with our precision tea scoop – because accuracy matters when it comes to tea.

Scoop: stainless-steel / Box: recyclable card