Sky Blue Teapot 350ml - Zero Japan


Ceramic teapot featuring Zero Japan's signature stainless steel lid and easy to clean stainless steel mesh filter is not only functional but classic in design.

The maker of this teapot; Koji Inoue was working at a porcelain manufacturer but he wanted to create his own range of teapots. Longing to express creativity; he blended beautiful and functional design with a rich tradition. The idea grew into what is now known as Zero Japan. 

The reason behind the stainless steel lid is to solve a problem. Most Japanese teapot lids often slipped off the pot and broke, with this in mind, the durable, stainless steel clip-on lid featured on all Zero Japan teapot range was born.

Try the Zero Japan teapot and immerse yourself in the splendour of modern tea culture.

Volume: 350ml (Brews 1.5 cups) / Body: ceramic / Strainer & Lid: 18-10 Stainless steel infuser.

Proudly made in Japan.