Tea Dripper Ball 800ml - Hario Tea Dripper Ball 800ml - Hario

Tea Dripper Ball 800ml - Hario


The Hario tea dripper ball is the perfect gift idea for any tea lover.

An ingenious way to extract a high-quality cup of tea, simply add your favourite loose leaf tea, add water and allow to steep, once the desired colour and strength is achieved just press the small lever and the tea runs directly into the serving pitcher of your choosing below.

The brewing process is simple: Add 800ml of hot water to your favourite tea leaves. Allow the tea to steep for the specified time on the box, then place the tea dripper on top of your serving pitcher and press the small lever for the tea to run directly into. (By placing ice inside the pitcher, you can enjoy 'hot' brewed iced tea easily.) We use ours daily.

Features: Lead-free & dishwasher safe glass, serving jug, stand, reusable stainless steel filter.

Volume: 800ml (Brews 4 full cups) / Lid: AS resin / Inner holder base: Silicone rubber / Filter: Stainless ball, Stainless steel