Escape to Maruia Hot Springs Escape to Maruia Hot Springs

Escape to Maruia Hot Springs

By Alan Hughes

Escape to Maruia Hot Springs Escape to Maruia Hot Springs

In Māori, “Maruia,” appropriately translates to shelter, haven or comfortable place. Now the scene is set, let us put this place on your bucket list.

Maruia Hot Springs is a historical thermal spring located in the stunningly beautiful Lewis Pass National Reserve. Surrounded by pristine primary native beech forest and rugged high mountains, it's easy here to get away from it all and connect with nature as you sauna and bathe in mineral hot springs, all while taking in the serene views.


This natural wonder has been a place of relaxation and healing for centuries since it was discovered by weary Māori traders who carried Pounamu (jade or greenstone a highly treasured rock) from its origins on the rugged West Coast.

In the late 1800’s European settlers built thermal health and rehabilitation bathhouses. Initially, mineral bathing pools were supported by rustic huts, then cottages, a chalet and finally a hotel. The expansion of Maruia Hot Springs was driven by the European popularity of thermal mineral water bathing as a medicinal treatment, particularly for rheumatic diseases as pain relief post World War I and II.


This wonderfully remote region is a magical place to explore. In the middle of the Lewis Pass National Reserve, there are a number of hidden walks and trails that guests can explore. From the waterfall trek to the river trail and more, there are walks for all levels and timeframes.


High in mineral content, the fresh water comes straight from the earth’s core directly below New Zealand’s Southern Alps and on average 500,000 litres of natural geothermal water flows through the pools daily which is never recirculated. Maruia Hot Springs is a sulphur spring with a pH of 7.3 with an average source temperature of 56℃ (classified as true artesian mineral springs) the water is then cooled to between 37℃ and 42℃ for bathing.


If you have never been before or are near the area do drop in and check out this picturesque resort. While you sit in the pools looking at the serene rugged landscape, lush beech forest as the golden dusk light touches the snow-tipped mountains across the valley, it's hard to yearn for anywhere else.

A true feeling of untouched nature, best enjoyed with a great cuppa to keep you hydrated and relaxed.

this region is a magical place to explore

NOTE: We are proud to announce that Maruia Hot Springs has been voted the 2018 Luxury Eco Spa regional winner for Australasia as well as the 2018 Luxury Mineral Spring Spa winner of New Zealand. Well done Maruia crew!

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Photos by: Dan Brannan & Alan 


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