Stay Safe, Stay Well & Enjoy Life Stay Safe, Stay Well & Enjoy Life

Stay Safe, Stay Well & Enjoy Life

By Alan Hughes

Stay Safe, Stay Well & Enjoy Life Stay Safe, Stay Well & Enjoy Life

In extraordinary times we are living, they are hard, and no one knows precisely what this will look like afterwards, but we must strive to find a positive in everything we do, every day.

COVID-19 is barreling through the world at unprecedented rates, and doctors and scientists are starting to find out what after-effects this virus will have on people that have been infected.

I find among all the negatives, and all the pain of those who have lost loved ones, there are some positives we must focus on. People in our community and those afar in the hills of Bengal are both looking out for one another, with many kind gestures, a true community spirit and our humanity is showing in these small acts. A massive thank you to all those who worked tirelessly to help; farmers, nurses, doctors etc its a long list.

Many having spare time have realised what really is important and what it means to have a life on this incredible world, we live in. The beaches, the air, the water has never been so clean. Flora and fauna are thriving while and the birds have never seemed happier with the pleasant melody of birdsong from the tops of the trees.

I reflect and wonder if, while incredibly devastating and heartbreaking, this epidemic has helped to put our lives in perspective, so we make the most out of every day. Here in New Zealand as we are on the last day of our level 3 lock-down, there is an underlying feeling of excitement as we may have beaten it. I am overjoyed that we can get back to it but my thoughts and prayers go out to my friends overseas who have not been so lucky.

I can't stop thinking about how lucky we are to live in New Zealand and lets keep being good to one another. Slowing down, having that chat over the fence with the neighbour enjoying the small things in life.


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