Tea Exploration Tea Exploration

Tea Exploration

By Alan Hughes

Tea Exploration Tea Exploration

We started N&S to have a place to sell teas that we're currently excited to be drinking.

Sampling hundreds of tea per year from growers all over the world when discovering something exceptional, we purchase it while we can. Sometimes this is in the kgs, and sometimes it's in the grams for us to share with you.

We look for teas that are that little bit special; they are clearly a product of a skilled craftsmen/women with years of practice in the nuances of organic estate care. While they also possess the artistry needed to manufacture the precious freshly plucked green leaf into the final product that we proudly put in our cups.

Pour over the details, taking a macro and micro view of the whole process for each batch of tea purchased. To do this, we look at each cultivar of tea plucked, from what estates the tea comes from, to what growing region the estate is within, to gain a full understanding of the terroir the tea we are sipping has been grown in. This attention, to the whole scope of the industry, means we are continually learning and having fun in doing so.

Temi Tea Anna Withering Leaf Tea Estate

To Make The Cut

To be an exceptional, unique tea worth having in our range, we look for the following qualities.

  • Offers many quality steepings (at least three)
  • A taste profile that develops with each steeping
  • Rich and full or uncommon mouth-feel
  • An aroma that paints a picture in our mind or evokes a feeling
  • The tea makes us say 'wow.'

Tea Procurement

Sourcing from newly emerging estates that are doing exceptionally well to old established estates that care for the workers and environment we proudly purchase the best from the best. 

All the while making a human connection, both at the source of the tea and the final destination makes it all worthwhile. 

If you would like tea recommendations or would like to have a chat with another passionate tea fam, then please feel free to contact us.

Temi Tea Alan Plucking Tea

A beautiful early morning in Sikkim


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