What are Single-Estate teas? What are Single-Estate teas?

What are Single-Estate teas?

By Alan Hughes

What are Single-Estate teas? What are Single-Estate teas?

Single-estate teas are a fantastic way to explore and celebrate the diversity and complexity of a specific estate's growing and processing nuances.

This label is an indication that the tea is not blended with other tea gardens in the area so it can be assigned the tea estate's name. These teas genuinely reflect the character of a specific tea producing estate.

Just like good wine, the region tea is grown can influence its flavour in profound ways. Even if the production process is similar, geographical factors such as climate and soil can change how the final tea tastes dramatically.


Single-Estate tea tip plucked fresh at Lakyrsiew


After plucking, the green leaf moves to the processing factory. During this complex process, each tea master uses the years of practice to bring out individual tastes in the tea they are processing at the time.

The advantages of single-estate tea for the avid tea drinker is the ability to experience the diversity of flavours and aromas in its purest form as the farmer and tea master intended. We mark our packing so you know that the taste is as true to its location sit can be and hasn't been mixed with teas from other estates or gardens. When the teas are not mixed from different farms to even out the taste, the tea master and farms hard work can be indeed seen through the quality of the drink.


Green leaf after plucking at Lakyrsiew

When we are classifying a single-estate tea, we use the following structure.

1. Continent - India

2. Region - Meghalaya

3. Sub-Region - Shillong

4. Estate - Lakyrsiew

5. Flush Type - First Flush
6. Plantation Area - 2008/2012
7. Tea Type - Chinary or Clone


A green leaf chit, this paper lets the factory know what area in the estate the leaf was plucked

Keep an eye out on our Single-Estate teas as we are continually purchasing unique and tasty teas that we have fallen in love with and sure you will too.

By visiting these estates, we know how the tea is grown, harvested and processed so we can make informed purchasing decisions. By buying from tea estates with environmentally sound practices, we can help to promote a sustainable future for the generations to follow. So you can rest assured that the cuppa is not only great for you but great for everyone involved.

Here at N&S we only purchase from estates that have ethical practices and treat their workers to a fair living wage. We believe it is how we would like to be treated, so we strive to do the same.


Cupping the tea after all the hard work has been done


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