Wine, Whiskey, Coffee & Tea Wine, Whiskey, Coffee & Tea

Wine, Whiskey, Coffee & Tea

By Alan Hughes

Wine, Whiskey, Coffee & Tea Wine, Whiskey, Coffee & Tea

While all great individually there are many traits these beverages share.... It’s the processing that makes the ultimate difference between a green and a black, an oolong or a white.

Think of a wine. A red one like pinot noir versus a white one like chardonnay. They are all wine but being grown upon different soils in different spots on the earth will bring about different flavoured wines. Tea is just like a wine in terms of its origin and how and where it is grown.

Fragrant, fruity, mellow, puckery, tannins, astringent, orangey, bitter, bright, sharp, earthy, spicy, creamy, sweet, terroir sound familiar? The same vocabulary we use for coffee, spirits, and wine are all just as applicable to tea. Tea, however, is just as if not even more complex due to undergoing a processing that alters its state before it can be consumed by us.

This processing of Withering, Firing, Rolling & Drying, will ultimately affect its final look and taste which is altogether in some cases completely different from the way it looked when it was picked.

At the end of the day it can seem all a bit overwhelming but just remember. If you enjoy it. Drink it.

For a beautifully soft & subtle tea try our White Noise or for an orangey fruity sip try out conveniently named Orange Sky.


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