Coconut Matcha Cooler Coconut Matcha Cooler

Coconut Matcha Cooler

By Anna Hughes

Coconut Matcha Cooler Coconut Matcha Cooler

How do you make a delicious coconut matcha cooler?

If you're looking for a refreshing summer drink that combines the unique flavors of coconut and matcha, look no further! This easy recipe will guide you through the steps to create a two-toned, quick, and delicious coconut matcha cooler.

What ingredients do you need?

To make this delightful drink, you'll need the following ingredients:

  • Large glass filled with ice
  • Sweetened coconut water (or plain coconut water with 1tbsp shot of caramel or sugar syrup)
  • Noble and Sunday's Culinary grade matcha powder (currently wholesale only, if you really want some send us an email).
  • 60ml water

What are the steps to make it?

Follow these simple steps to create your own coconut matcha cooler:

  1. Fill a glass with ice and pour sweetened coconut water over the ice, leaving 2cm at the top.
  2. In a round bowl, take 1 scoop (1/4 to 1/2 tsp) of matcha powder and add just enough cold or warm water to make a paste.
  3. Using a chasen or whisk, mix the matcha paste until all lumps are removed.
  4. Add approximately 40-60ml more water to the matcha paste and whisk it with your small electric drink whisk or a chasen until the drink becomes frothy.
  5. Pour the frothy matcha over the top of the coconut water in the glass.

    Pro tip: if you aim for the ice instead of the water in the glass, you'll get more of the stunning 2 tone green and clear effect.

What we love about this coconut matcha cooler:

Our team has been drinking this non stop all summer, here's why:

  • Refreshing: The combination of coconut and matcha creates a refreshing and invigorating drink, perfect for hot summer days.
  • Unique flavors: The natural sweetness of coconut water complements the earthy and slightly bitter taste of matcha, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors.
  • Quick and easy: With just a few simple steps, you can whip up this delightful drink in no time.
  • Health benefits: Matcha is known for its high antioxidant content and potential health benefits, making this drink not only delicious but also nutritious.
  • Gets you moving! Matcha has a decent caffeine hit paired with L-theanine which can help you on a sluggish hot day.

So, why not give this recipe a try and enjoy a refreshing coconut matcha cooler? It's the perfect way to cool down and indulge in a delightful summer beverage!


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