The basics of making an easy and delicious iced tea: Our Cheat Sheet The basics of making an easy and delicious iced tea: Our Cheat Sheet

The basics of making an easy and delicious iced tea: Our Cheat Sheet

By Anna Hughes

The basics of making an easy and delicious iced tea: Our Cheat Sheet The basics of making an easy and delicious iced tea: Our Cheat Sheet

In this summer heat there's nothing like an iced tea to cool you down, and we have a great selection of teas that are super refreshing and easy to make as chilled beverages.

There's no limit to what you can create here. Think of this as a basic starting point from which you can add your own favourite components and unleash that creativity.

More affordable, delicious and environmentally friendly than buying bottled beverages, making your own fresh iced tea is an easy and sophisticated way to cool down in style this summer.

The Iced Tea Cheatsheet

The simple ratio

2 scoops of tea per 250ml cold water (or ⅓ cup per Litre)
Optional sweetener: simple syrup (10-20 ml per 250ml tea or 40-80ml per litre, depending on your preferences)

Note: You can experiment with other options like honey, agave, maple syrup, and stevia. These all have their own flavour profiles and may change your brew.

The brewing options:

Cold brew:

  1. Infuse in the fridge overnight or at least 4 hours, strain
  2. Add sweetener if using then keep chilled
  3. Pour over ice filled vessel and add your garnish!

Hot brew:

  1. Add half the volume above of 80 degree water to your tea, infuse 5 minutes (10 for herbal), and strain.
  2. Add sweetener if using and add the remaining water as chilled water or ice. 
  3. Pour over an ice filled vessel, and add your garnish!

Our favourite iced teas, garnishes and accompaniments

 All our teas are delicious iced, but we do have some top choices. Here are the ones our team absolutely loves. Follow the cheat sheet above along with our guidelines below for finishing touches.

Strawberry Plum:

A tangy fruit tea with a bright red brew and powerful strawberry flavour, this is one of our most popular teas both hot and cold.

We recommend you serve this with a squeeze of lemon, then garnish with mint, lemon, berries or plums. It's also fantastic infused into a cheeky gin!

Buy yours here.


Orange Sky Iced Tea:

A zesty blend of orange peel and aromatic rooibos and sweet cinnamon, this has a natural sweetness from the cinnamon if brewed hot and then cooled.

Garnish with a slice of orange or a cinnamon quill.

Get yours here.


Earl Grey:

Aromatic and citrusy, this is a flavourful and dynamic iced tea option. 

Simply garnish with citrus or your favourite herbs, and sweeten with brown sugar instead of white, or try out in a mocktail like our stormy earl of grey. For next level iced earl grey, step it up with lime, ginger and muscovado sugar.

Get yours here.


Chamomile Dream:

Calming, soothing and refreshing, our chamomile isn't just for bedtime. All day focus and soothing on the stomach.

Step it up a level and add some soda water and honey, garnished with Lavender.

Get yours here.


Cool Summer Spice:

A cool minty twist on iced tea, featuring our special blend of rooibos, mint, spices and herbs, served with a cinnamon stick or sprig of mint. A unique and invigorating choice.

Get yours here.


Green Tea:

Push up the umami by grabbing some of our Japanese Sencha and brewing it directly into ice. As the ice melts, it brings out a very refreshing, green and morish flavour that stands out among green teas. Or take our classic Jade sencha, follow our cheat sheet cold brew and serve with a cool slice of cucumber.

Check out our green teas here.


English Breakfast:

Don’t underestimate the refreshing power of a classic English breakfast, served icy cold and garnished with a sprig of mint, citrus or your favourite herbs.

Get yours here.


Peppermint Breeze:

The powerhouse of pep, this hits all the refreshing notes you need to cool down and feel fresh. For a naturally sweet drink with no added sugar try our Liquorice & Peppermint, otherwise grab a classic box of Peppermint Breeze.

Garnishes are pretty flexible, we suggest a sprig of mint or peppermint, any herbs you've got on hand, lime, lemon or apple. 

Get yours here.


Want to take your iced tea making skills to the next level? Check out our journal, we have rolled out a selection of mocktail options to up your brewing game this summer.

If you're ready to stock up, you can choose from our selection of teas here.  


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