Organic Tea

The organic tea NZ loves

Here at Noble & Sunday, we pride ourselves on selling tea made from organic ingredients where possible. No matter your taste preferences, we’ve got a beautiful blend or single origin tea suited to your liking – just ask us. 

Why choose organic tea?

We’ve scoured the globe to find the best tea gardens and estates from which to source our organic teas. We’re passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality, best tasting blends and single origin teas on the market from suppliers who use good farming practices that have minimal impact on the environment and native flora and fauna. We are strict about ensuring our tea leaves are completely organic for a number of reasons. 

Most non-organic teas utilise synthetic chemicals in their growing, harvesting and manufacturing processes – this can severely alter the taste of the tea, lower its quality and even pose a health risk to the drinker. These chemicals also affect the surrounding flora, cause water pollution, contaminate the soil and potentially harm native species. 

Choosing an organic tea eliminates all of these risks and ensures that on the basis of correct brewing, you will have a perfect cup of tea every single time. 

About Noble & Sunday

We’re a New Zealand-based tea merchant. At Noble & Sunday, we are passionate about taking traditional tea rituals and recontextualising them for the modern world. We work with growers who are kind to the planet and treat their workers fairly and we’re committed to our philosophy of fine teas that are sustainable, ethical and organically grown. 

We believe strongly in the sense of peace that brewing the perfect cup of tea brings. A process designed to be slow and intentional, we love that it offers us a small moment of respite from our busy lives, allowing us to reflect and relax. We also love to promote the physical and mental health benefits of different types of teas – we stock a wide range of high quality organic teas to treat a range of ailments and woes. Each of our teas comes with a simple, easy to follow brewing guide so you can be sure you’ll be bringing out the best in whichever blend or single origin you choose.

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